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Create Your Own Security

Everyone deserves to be trusted, and by valuing this exchange, opportunities expand . An innovative trade security solution that enables digital escrow services for any purchase at your finger tips, this means less risk for you as a customer.


'On the Go' Escrow

We’re here to help you take control over your purchases, so you can secure your goods. Simply load a digital device with a claim amount, then once the receiver get the device, the delivery is secured and the payment is transferred out of escrow.


Really Smart Contracts

We put the leg work in finding the best technology - all bundled up in a package ready to secure your next purchase. Any terms can be set on the release of the escrow amount and all agree to terms prior to shipping & payment commitment.

Digital soluitons 

to escrow payments

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About Pro X Pay 

Pro X Pay Limited is a Singaporian financial technology company operating in Australia, United States, Europe, UAE, and APAC. The company was founded in 2016. In Jan 2021, Trackster Global merged with one of its technology suppliers Solomon Systems, to form the Pro X Pay Escrow Group.

Shop as usual, then choose Pro X Pay as your payment method at checkout.

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More About Pro X Pay 

Pro X Pay is a 'hold now, pay later' platform that makes it possible to order something now, then only pay when you receive the goods as advertised. It was founded in Sydney in 2020, letting you order everything from diamonds and pearls, to pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Order Now & Pay later when you get the goods

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